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Aaton 35-3, Large 3 Perf Package for sale

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Large, lightly used, personal camera package for sale, includes:

Aaton 35-3, 3 Perf Super 35mm camera with flickerfree NTSC video assist

4 batteries - may need to be recelled

8-400' magazines, all in good running condition with covers, some with cosmetic marks

Large viewfinder extension and case

Rods, handgrip, cables, small viewfinder extension

Original 4 perf movement and gate

Original Aaton Nikon lens mount with shims, never used

6 additional viewing screens, various markings

Leather barney

Travel cases for everything except 2 mags and barney

(No charger or power cable)


The following items could be sold separately:

Various Aaton service tools and jigs, extra electronics and mirror


Camera runs great and is very quiet - has not been used recently, except for a test roll. Please PM me for more photos or with an offer.



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Wow, very rare to put it mildly. Can I ask where it came from? Was it always privately owned? Curious since so few exist.

For any future owners out there, AM Camera near LA in Ca. can service and do check-ups on these.

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Bought it a few years back from a Canadian cinematographer, who bought it new from Aaton. He did mostly commercial work, but switched over to Alexa.  I believe it was originally 4 perf, but it was factory converted to 3 perf.

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