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  1. Saw this behind the scenes video on Westworld, which shoots on 35mm film, and wondered what this FF system was and how it works?
  2. Looking for an AC that's free April 27-28th weekend in Oklahoma. PM me ASAP is you know someone! Or a 2nd that wants to move up. Indie pay rates. Seasoned DP.
  3. Very nice. Good luck with the sale. That will be a special camera for someone.
  4. Wow, very rare to put it mildly. Can I ask where it came from? Was it always privately owned? Curious since so few exist. For any future owners out there, AM Camera near LA in Ca. can service and do check-ups on these.
  5. A few years ago I was told that someone bought one, possibly the one that was at Abel LA, and he lived near Ventura or Ojai.
  6. It's a very impressive 5.7K CCD and was the only way to get true 444 1080p for a while. In fact I think the Tron team picked the F35 because of it's ability to pull a cleaner key than anything else available. The sensor and look is unlike anything used now. Very film-like. 500asa. No rolling shutter artifacts at all. I saw this great looking short done with one not too long ago. Watch it on a big screen. Search "Los Angeles 1991" on the Vimeo channel And this teaser has some very film-like color too
  7. Crazy rare high-end PAL transmitter for the Euro film cameras out there. This is a high-end RF-Links transmitter. They are $1100 new. This one is in like new condition from my personal gear bag. I got another unit so don't need two. Comes with one antenna. Sell for $200. Ships for free. This is it, but in PAL https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/504667-REG/RF_Video_GX_68_GX_68_Low_Power_Video.html Was just sent to RF-Links (3/2/19) to be checked out. 100% perfect health check-up. The RF-Video GX-68 is a low power transmitter, perfect for sending video wirelessly over relatively short distances within an on-site location. Transmitted video can be received by any TV tuned to channels 21 to 69 and even some cable channels, eliminating the need to purchase a separate receiver. With a wireless range of up to 600 feet, this compact and durable unit is a very useful tool for Steadicam users as well as for general TV and film production applications.
  8. It's actually good advice and he is correct. I think people are in love with the Arri label, and rightly so in many cases, but for the lone 16mm camera owner, I'd take a fully serviced Prod over a 416 even if the prices were equal. Just off the top of my head I can think of 5 different places to take an Aaton for service as of 2019.
  9. Devil's Rejects Desperate Living TV shows, but famous: The Walking Dead Monk Scrubs Doc Martin
  10. Does anyone know if the Modulus 3000 works with PAL camera taps?
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