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Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

'Offshoots...a social documentary study of Instagram'

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Finally finished film. This is the 'FAH' version. (FAH = **(obscenity removed)** a Hater) Original film was about 6-3/4 hours long. I sped it up 10X and got it down to 43min5s. 

I'm sick of social documentary (people) work for a while. Spent 2018-2019 on IG documentaries making 67 films by looking through 200,000+ IG posts on thousands of accounts. But I got nowhere to go...I'm not a sunset shooter.

Short backstory is at end of film.

I'd like to put a hi-res version on Blu-ray. Still trying to figure it out. All my software does in standard DVD.

I will have to make a non 'FAH' version for those that don't like the FAH. But I think if they don't like the FAH because of language, they wont like the film because of the content either. So maybe I will just leave it FAH. Gotta be true to your art when you are underground. There is no $$...no notoriety...so if you can't be true to your art when underground...what do you have??

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After a couple of minutes I was overwhelmed by all of the images. I skipped around through the movie and read the backstory at the end. I'm at a loss for words. Stunning, overwhelming, gross, captivating, exhausting. I don't think I've seen anything like it, ever. 

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Thanks. I have trouble watching em all myself...and I made em!  Sometimes when I review films sent in here, I complain it may be too boring for my ADD. And I don't mean to hurt the filmmakers feelings, but just how my mind works.

And while my material is not boring to me, it requires too much concentration for me after about 10 minutes. That was one of the reasons I got into speed films, so I could watch long films faster. And really by the time I finish the film I've shot some prelims, looked over the content photos a lot, shot it, maybe shot it again due to some screw ups, then edited it, maybe edited some more and by that time I'm sick of it.

So that is the issue with making films and having ADD. Filmmaking requires lots of concentration.

This version of the film is an early one. I changed a few things in it, but it is more or less about 98% the same as the current version. 

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