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Please help me identify color scheme/filter used in Tyler The Creator new interview

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I've watched this interview- https://youtu.be/5pIpVK3Gecg  and I am very amazed by the beauty of the color scheme/filter used. Since I know pretty much nothing about cinematography, would someone be kind enough to help me understand how can I achieve this color palette/filter in my photos and videos? I have some experience with editing photos in Lightroom if that helps. 

Also please recommend some books/videos/courses where I can learn more about this topic 😊

Thank you! Tyler-Zane.png

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On 11/7/2019 at 3:53 AM, Bob Speziale said:

I'm guessing it's just color grading, lightening the image to make the subject's dark skin show up lighter.  In Premiere Pro it's just a slider for brightness/contrast.

Thank you very much for taking time to answer Bob! 

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The mid tones and some shadows look raised, thus creating somewhat of a desaturated low contrast look. Also some of the blue channel in the highlights/mids has definitely been chopped down for this very yellowish-green spring garden sort of look.

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