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WTB Aaton XTR/LTR S16 fiber screen/ground glass

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The actual glass broke clean in two right down the center of the ratio marks-- I lucked into an Arri HSR II and have since tossed the glass unfortunately.

The XTR/plus lacks the wonderful cartridge system of your Prod, Tyler 😉. The bare glass is cemented directly to an adjustable 16/S16 sliding arm.

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Ohhh got ya. Dang man, how did that crack! On the XTR's it's also glued into the removable casing actually, I've had mine crack as well, kinda sad. Umm, tough one to solve isn't it. I don't really have any suggestions at the moment sadly. You could glue it back together with glass glue and see what happens. 

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I found an old LTR one where unfortunately one corner shows some color fringing. (I think the previous owner cleaned it with an aggressive solvent that crept between the fused fiber screen and lens bond)


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