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Bolex Super 16mm

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Hey all,

Planning on shooting some leftover daylight spools I've had of single perf 16mm for some time. 

In these crazy times want to keep it as simple as possible and looking into renting a SBM S16 conversion Bolex or possible a Rex 4 turret c-mount conversion. 

My questions

1. These cameras with conversion still have a 130 degree shutter and the reflex veiwfinder still requires a 1/3 of a stop compensation? (With a meter that measures at 180 degrees I'd have to open up about 2/3s of a stop to compensate for both the shutter and viewfinder light loss.)

2. Does the conversion of the camera make light leaks more of a problem?

3. Lastly, do the "RX" lenses compensate for the 1/3 of a stop light loss due to the viewfinder?

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