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Questions about replacing front element on Angenieux 12-120

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Currently the front element on my Angenieux 12-120 has a few little tiny chips on the front element but other wise in perfect shape. Seeing how the lens was not very expensive I purchased a new one with the proper CP-16A mount and dogleg view finder online. However despite this new being lens being advertised as in great optical shape there seems to be a lot of what looks like to be very feint speckled fungus on one of the middle elements, but the front element is in very good shape. Normally I would just return it and move on but I cannot find another online with the proper mount that isn't extremely over priced or in good shape. 

So my question is if anyone has experiences with taking these lenses apart how hard would it be to swap and the front elements? Or is this a job that should be left to a proper camera repair shop? And if so how expensive might it be, or is it not even worth attempting. From what I have read in other threads it seems like taking the entire lens apart to clean is very difficult, but perhaps just taking the front element out would not be as challenging? Currently am planning on shooting a short film on 16mm with this lens in mid-late June so it's getting to a point I need to decide if I should roll with the punches of just having a minor chip on the front of the lens or if I should try and fix it before we shoot. I appreciate any input anyone might have.





lens chip.JPG

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I'd think the front damage may not show any bad effect if it's just near the outer ring, as it's probably not used much optically especially if slightly stopped down. Shielding the lens with an efficient hood obviously will help.  As for the internal fungus, if that's what it is, it could lower the contrast of the image.  It's unlikely the dogleg finder will show anything much visually so I guess the only way is to do a good test with film under different conditions. Personally I wouldn't attempt to take the lens apart😆 

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