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Arri 235 3perf + 4perf Camera Package

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Sadly I have to let go of my Arri 235 3perf + 4perf kit again. Bought it not too long ago from a professional DP for a project, but plans changed. Everything is in excellent working condition. The package includes the following ...

- Arri 235 body, 3perf movement installed
- 4perf movement + case
- 3x 400ft shoulder mags
- 6x different ground glasses, with cases (3perf: 1.85, 2.35, HDTV | 4perf: 1.66/TV, 1.85/TV, TV Safe)
- Oppenheimer 235 on-board power system (for using Anton Bauer/Gold Mount batteries)
- Arri riser plate
- Arri BP-8 bridge plate
- Arri LMS-1 Low Mode Support
- Arri 235 top handle
- Arri shoulder pad
- XLR cable
- shutter adjustment tools
- 2x flight cases (one for camera + accessories, one for magazines)

Price: 20.000€ plus shipping.

Photos can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CNb584tf1JYF-4yj8QjTfi-3zC8KW65Q?usp=sharing

Located in Austria, and would preferably ship within the EU. However, if the buyer organizes shipping, happy to send it anywhere in the world.

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