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  1. Hi, I know some of these are rare, but looking to buy the following: 235 Side Bracket SBR-1, K2.55015.0 Left Rod Bracket LRB-1, K2.65052.0 235 Steadicam Mag 120m/400ft STM-1, K2.55008.0 Heated Eyecup HE-4, K2.47794.0 + Cable K2.47771.0 235 Long Eyepiece Extension LEE-1 K2.55012.0 235 Medium Eyepiece Extension MEE-1 K2.55000.0 DM me with an offer if you have any of these for sale.
  2. Anyone ever try speed ramps on a 416 using an RCU-1? The 416 doesn't have an electronic shutter right? So you would need some type of device to calculate the Iris pull as the speed ramp happens?
  3. In the US (without any discounts) a 35mm 400' roll costs about $580 to buy, process normal and scan in 4K.
  4. Looking for an 11 position shutter for an Aaton XTR Prod. Just bought a 3 position XTR and would like to upgrade it to 11.
  5. Anyone selling one? Also open to an 8-64 for the right price.
  6. Curious if anyone has seen a solution that allows a WCU4 or Preston to run/stop an XTR Prod. Would be great to have for steadicam builds/in general.
  7. Could that be the Aaton code red diode flashing the film? If you set the ASA on the body to 1000 it dims the Aaton code diode down.
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