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How much a second do they charge for stock footage?

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Some guy on eBay had an old girlie move from the 60's on Anscochrome. It had an odd looking beatnik girl in panties. About a 400' reel and it sold for $222. Too much for me to buy just to look at.

I wrote to ask if he had a scan of it and how much a DVD would be. He said digital would sell by the second as a stock footage company owned it. But he would not give me a price. 

Did you ever use stock footage?

How much do they charge per second?

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The price of stock footage can vary...  I shoot on film.  I shot my feature film on 16mm.  So I needed 30 to 60 seconds of vintage sports footage (curling from the 1960s) shot on 16mm film.  I found what I needed after a long search at POND5.  48 seconds of vintage 16mm footage in its original aspect ratio at 1080 2K.  Cost - $69.00.  That includes a standard licensing agreement.  Time length had nothing to do with it; it was about the rarity of the footage.   If I wanted just regular HD footage of curling, I seen varying price for shorter time lengths, say, $50.00 for 10 seconds...  It all depends on who owns the footage and how much they think they can charge.

Did you find out what stock footage company owned the scanned version of the film...?

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Thanks for the info! No, did not find out about the film.

I thought usage would cost much more than that. That is pretty cheap. Years ago I had written either Magnum or Getty about using an old photo from the 1940's for a book. I think they wanted $300 - $400 for using it. For books they want to know how many books, number of editions, paperback or hardcover, USA or international and tons of other things to decide on a price. Looks like stock footage is cheaper to deal with than still photos.

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