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35mm film rewinds hack???

Rick Neely

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Hi all,

      Quick question for anyone who has a thought on this- I transfer 8mm and 16mm film and have 2 different sized sets of Craig 8mm/16mm rewinds. I may be doing a bit of 35mm film scanning soon and know I'll have to invest in  some extra gear (35mm splicer;etc). What I am wondering is there any suggestion or way to MODIFY one of my 16mm rewind sets to take 35mm reels? I'm not sure if it's just a matter of simply affixing a longer 5/8" adaptor pin to the existing rewind pin or something more intricate. 

     Any advice, suggestions, links to adaptor idea/thingys would be great. Thanks!


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Isn't that sad, no one wants to participate here unless it involves camera fondling. Jeeesus.

They work fine as is. You just need a little lock on the spindles for 16mm rewinds.

I used a snip of clear plastic tubing. I would push it on the spindle that sticks out of the reel. Obviously, you leave the spindle straight and it can't be bent. Get a tight fit. I guess you could also use a mini hose clamp on the spindle as well. If using tubing, stop to check the fit is tight every so often. 

Good luck!


Careful where you put your fingers. Not good to use the guillotine cutter and watch TV! Luckily only lost some nail and not the tip of the finger.


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There are adapters for using smaller formats on rewinds for larger formats (e.g. https://van-eck.net/en/product/adapter_kit_-9_pcs-_for_16mm_rewinders/ or https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6173760 ). But AFAIK there’s no adapter for the other way round - simply because the larger format is heavier and usually needs much larger reels.

Good luck!




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