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I'm testing how long SDD drives hold data without being plugged in. First part of the test is complete. 11 months for a Samsung T7 was OK. Next test is due early 2024. I have enough Samsung drives to go out for a few years of tests. I had heard they lose data if not plugged in periodically. The 'how often' part is up in the air. I've tested SD cards and they hold data pretty good. Also testing thumb drives, going out to 14 years...if I live that long. 

Here are some SD card tests.


SD Card Report…how archival are they? – Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – II (home.blog)

Will update thread as SDD drives are tested.

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Very good article...Thanks!

Had no idea heat was the enemy of SDD. I know heat and light can destroy AZO dye DVD's.


2 Silver AZO DVD's

Top disc was in sunlight and heat for 30 days. Bottom disc was in dark storage. Top disc was unreadable.

Every 6 to 7 years I rewrite HDD drives as they are said to lose magnetism. 

I've torture tested HDD's in hot and cold extremes.

Results of 2 Year Hot / Cold Western Digital HDD Torture Test – Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – II (home.blog)


2-year hot cold extreme test. - No data loss and still running strong!

I'm not shy about cooking certain things to test em. But SDD's are a little too $$ to cook. I could heat treat some thumb drives, but getting too old, health is going downhill and still have many lifetimes of work to do. So, someone else will have to test that part of the archival spectrum. 


Cooking the M-Disc test.

NOTHING can compare to the ‘M’ disk when it comes to optical media for digital preservation. – Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection – II (home.blog)






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