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Service Keystone K25 Capri

Eric McCammond

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I have a Keystone K25 Capri. It seems to work reasonably well though I only get a tad over 20 seconds on a full motor wind. I'm not sure what is normal. I'd like to open it up to clean/lubricate it but can't seem to find any information on anyone actually doing this. Does anyone know of any website, video, etc. that shows how to open a K25 up or a camera similar to it? Also, if anyone can share experience regarding the typical run time of a full motor wind, I would appreciate it. Thanks! Eric

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Hi, I own a couple of Keystone Double 8mm cameras and the one you have is one of them.  They all only run for about 20 to 30 seconds and the owner's manual also states this.  This is quite common for the majority of USA built Double 8mm movie cameras from that era, same for my Revere cameras, and even the Bolex cameras of the 50s only have a similar run time.

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