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Sorry about that. A slip of the fingers while writing the post. 

I bought in the machine to digitise my own personally filmed archive with a view to either selling the machine after the scans were done or taking jobs for customers if that turned out to be worthwhile. Among the films which were being discarded were about three Toyota Echo loads of 1970s-era nightly news film assemblies on 16mm. The film rolls had been sorted through and the most relevant items had been taken and assembled into another smaller archive by the TV station. The rolls I salvaged went to anther archive. What remains with me are a few rolls of out-takes from documentaries. The QANTAS roll was gathered by a documentary maker for inclusion in a documentary about koalas. So far as I know, the project was completed but was never broadcast. I do not have the assembly/edit but some of the out-takes.

The machine I am using is a Retroscan Universal Mark II.

A lot of what was culled from the new archive was reports from overseas which had been kined from live news. This was one such.


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