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ARRI BL Evolution Li-Ion Battery

Omar Lopex

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Hi All,

I read through the previous topics on here about options for powering a BL Evolution.

Still wondering though, would this Li-Ion battery work as a power source?


It says the DTAP is a 12V output, but just to be safe, should I pair it with this regulated adapter?


I’ve seen that Visual Products has a 12V battery w/XLR available, but this Li-Ion setup would be lighter and less bulky to use.

Any help/advice would be appreciated.


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i would call Indiprotools to check if the voltage regulator can handle the peak amperage of your 35BL Evolution when ramping up to speed.

A BL4s Evolution draws around 3 amps when running according to Dom Jaeger, but more (twice to 3 times as much?) during spin-up peak.

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Hi David,

Thanks for that suggestion.

Should I just use a DTAP to XLR adapter without a regulator?

If I did I assume there would be a danger of the 14.4V battery being too strong?

My main concern is not frying the electrical components of the BL.


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A 14.4V Li-ion battery delivers 16.8V when fully charged at the beginning. So if your camera asks for 12V, I would not hook it up directly, but go through a Voltage regulator capable of delivering the amps needed at startup. The battery you listed can provide a 12A power draw, which is more than enough.

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Thanks again David, for that link to the BL4 battery thread, and for your patience.


Does anyone have any examples of Li-Ion battery rigs they use on a BL4?

I’m still reticent to put my own rig together, even with all these specs, because (fault of my own) I still can’t make heads or tails of what all the electronics specs mean.

The Visual Products battery rig is bigger than I’d like, but if I can’t find any setups that have already been tried and tested I guess I’ll just end up going that route.


I just feel like someone somewhere has to have a Li-Ion V Mount setup on a BL4, I’ve seen it on Arri 235’s and LTs… but my searches online yield nothing.

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On 12/17/2023 at 11:16 PM, Omar Lopex said:

.....It says the DTAP is a 12V output, but just to be safe, should I pair it with this regulated adapter?

https://indiprotools.com/products/12ptifb   ....

Indipro say that one has a 3A board, but they have some other ones with 8A max. You would have to solder your own XLR4 on. . I'm sure you can find a regulator with adequate capacity and just add the connectors you need.

There were some facts about battery voltage given in answer to Jean-Louis' thread above, but I'm not sure if they were talking nominal V or measured max output V.  A NiCad/NiMh battery of nominal 12V (nominal just meaning we name it that) is almost 14V fully charged, so exact specification is important.

I have been thinking about 12V regulated V-lock,  Li-Ion (for 16mm cameras), and I wondered if the current draw from a fresh NiMh might be less, if the loaded V is still higher. So one could go for a regulated 14V using the Li-Po packs.


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Hi Gregg,

Thanks for the idea!

I assume this is the adapter you mentioned?


So in theory, I would just replace the DTAP split with an XLR connector that I chop off of this:


And I’m good to go?

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I don't see the harm, but my thoughts about the ideal loaded V are still there. The regulated 12V will be lower than the fully charged NiCad/NiMh. Need to compare the current draw at high fps.  If it's useful, you might find a 14V regulator. Maybe one of the camera techs or electronics guys will chime in...

You could buy an XLR4 connector from the electronics supply store. You don't need to cannibalise a cable.

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Hi Gregg,

Thanks again for the info!

So I called up Watson to ask if the 12V DTAP (http://www.poweredbywatson.com/product/13607/Watson-VM_98_SHL-Li_Ion-Slim-V_Mount-Battery-with-LED-and-USB-Output-(14.4V,-98-Wh))

…is regulated. I was told is not, but it spikes at a max 16V (and has up to a 10A draw).

According to other BL threads I’ve read, the camera can take up to 16V (I’ve order the Arri 35 BL Book but it hasn’t arrived yet so can’t confirm) — but it feels like I’m pushing my luck topping out the camera to its max threshold.

If I did though, I assume I would just run an un-regulated DTAP-to-XLR cable?

I’ve searched for NiCad/NiMh options but haven’t found any that are small enough to be worth it.

I did however just come across this: 


12.6 operating voltage and 8.8AH — am I correct in assuming this battery is powerful enough (and not too powerful) to run the BL- Evolution?

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