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Super 8 Magazine #10: 3x Test of the new Kodak Super 8 Camera

Jurgen Lossau

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The new Super 8 Mag will be published in early Feb 2024. Here are the topics:

First tests: Kodak Super 8 Camera

Two Americans and the editors of SUPER 8 magazine independently report on their experiences with the new Kodak Super 8 Camera. Is it actually still Super 8? How does it work with an LCD display, how does the synchronized sound via SD cards work, which C-mount lenses produce the best results with the camera?


Dieter Rams: How Nizo was reinvented

Recently surfaced photos show design pontiff Dieter Rams with one of the first designs for Braun Nizo. Reason enough for SUPER 8 magazine to trace the history of the legendary cameras in detail.


Holly Fink: Beckenbauer on Super 8

"Good Friends" is the name of the series produced by UFA-Fiction for RTL+ about the rise of FC Bayern Munich. Franz Beckenbauer, Sepp Maier, Gerd Müller and many other key players in the team's success are highlighted in individual episodes and portrayed by actors in their best time. There are also various scenes that were specially shot on Super 8. And the camera that produced the scenes is itself a leading actor in one episode: the Leicina Special. Cinematographer Holly Frank reports on the filming of this extraordinary series.


Michael Ballhaus: Create magic - tricks from the camera

The legendary German cinematographer Michael Ballhaus (1935-2017) reveals tricks that can be realized in the camera – this also works with Super 8 and 16mm. Ballhaus, who achieved world fame with feature films such as GoodFellas, Air Force One and Gangs of New York, shared many details about his virtuoso work with the camera in a behind-the-scenes interview.


Cold set? How well do Super 8 cameras work in winter

A survey of 30 active filmmakers reveals the most frequent failures and the most reliable cameras that still work below 0 degrees. Plus: tips for filming in the snow and in icy temperatures.


Titles, trick fades and other devilish stuff

Some rejected it outright, others used it enthusiastically: prefabricated titles for the vacation trip, trick fades that interrupted from one subject to the next or pre-produced film scenes that suggested to the viewer that the film amateur had even been allowed to shoot in the cockpit. The highlight of this rarely considered market niche: adhesive foils that were stuck directly onto the film itself in order to transition from one scene to another using black patterns. The glued-on foils caused the film to thicken and made the projector rattle properly.


Super 8 with spring mechanism

There was more than just one. The last issue of SUPER 8 magazine was about the Russian Quartz, which was described as the only Super 8 camera with a spring-loaded motor. We now know: This is not true. Bell & Howell built at least three models in USA that also worked without an electric motor. We took a look at them.

More information: www.mysuper8.net



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"Super 8 is better than perfect"

Love it. Well done Kodak!!!!

6 hours ago, Jurgen Lossau said:

@Jon O'Brien   THANKS A LOT!

You are most welcome Jurgen.

I've gone back to thinking that a cinema release feature movie on Super 8 could indeed be a success. The grain and 'thickness' of the image if I can call it that (as opposed to 'thin' and 'perfect' as we see too often with digital cinematography) is just so alluring and fascinating. Such a strong medium in which a good story could be told so well by the right people.

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