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Old 7217 stock : Push processing vs Overexposing

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Last summer I did some tests on some old 7217 stock where I exposed at box speed (200 ASA) and push-processed the footage 1-stop. I was pleased with the results, especially with exterior shots.

I'm wondering if I can technically get the same kind of image if I simply expose the stock at 100 ASA and process normally? Considering push-processing pretty much doubles the per meter costs of development.

Also, this stock is easily 15+ years old.

Thanks in advance for your views,


EDIT: Just adding that I went through some other posts on the forums already and I couldn't find any specific responses to push-processing comparisons with overexposing pertaining to expired stock.

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The general rule is to overexpose about a stop per decade when using expired film.

I think that rating it at 100iso and processing normally achives the same thing as 200iso and a push +1 and may even produce a bit nicer result.


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