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Angenieux 17-68mm F2.2 Type L2 - Reflex Compatibility?

Raaf Sundquist

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I have an Angenieux 17-68mm F2.2 Type L2 that I have not yet tested with my H16 Rex 4. I am unfamiliar with decoding the Type designations of these lenses.

This one is a Type L2 - for those knowledgable about these lens types, will the L2 work nicely with the reflex Bolex? If it isn't ideal, I'd appreciate any tips for compensation.



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Here's a nice brochure outlining the various types of Angenieux 17-68 lenses:


The early silver zooms used L1 for the reflex dogleg models, L2 for normal C mount, and L3 for RX Bolexes. 

Later black versions used letters after the designation, so 4x17A was the dogleg version, 4x17B was normal C mount and 4x17C was for reflex Bolexes.


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16 minutes ago, Raaf Sundquist said:

Thanks Dom - that's exactly information I was looking for and the brochure is a bonus.

Now that you've confirmed, I'll just compensate at lower than 50mm.

Again - thanks so much!

It's not a hard and fast rule about lenses under 50mm, particularly zooms. The main factor seems to be the exit pupil depth. A lens with a shallow exit pupil (being the image of the iris as seen from the rear element) is more susceptible to aberrations introduced by the prism. I would shoot some tests at different apertures to see how bad it actually is at the wider end of the zoom range. 

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