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Rex O Fader Removal - Instructions?

Raaf Sundquist

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It's really very straightforward.

Unlatch the arm from the variable shutter lever. Unscrew the winder lever (turn it clockwise). Undo the single screw in the middle of the Rex O Fader and lift it off. 

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Thanks Dom - very helpful and now it's off! 

So now for the even dumber question. There is a big gear on the winding handle, that when replacing onto the camera, that keeps it offset at the same distance as when the Rex O Fader was in place.

Is there a 1) way to remove that gear so that the handle fits more closely to the camera body? 2) is this just the way the handle is supposed to fit? ...or 3) there is another handle that should be used?

Thanks again! Making progress!


Screen Shot 2024-02-26 at 5.20.36 PM.png

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