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Arri 416 / 235 - Lost My Nuts

Dennis Toeppen

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I have two arri 3.5 monitors that I use with my 416 and 235. I also have two curly cables 4 pin male to 4 pin male. They carry power and video in one cable. Today, I tried to demo my 416 with the monitor. But the 90 degree connector on the cable had come apart last time I put it in the pelican. I found my other cable, and incredibly, it had the same malady.

After fussing for quite awhile, I realized the problem is that the nut is missing from both. I searched the bottom of my pelicans and didn't find either nut. WTF? 

The cables were quite expensive - maybe $200 each. I'm hoping not to scrap them. 

If anyone has these nuts on an old/ruined cable and is willing to sell, I'm interested.

Thank you.


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I'm afraid cannot help too much here. These are quite likely either Fisher or LEMO connectors. If you manage to find the exact model number of your connector, you will probably be able to just order replacement parts at any distributor that works with these manufacturers.

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