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Newman and Sinclair NS400 35mm cine camera

Gareth Blackstock

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So I came across this cine camera, quite a big thing, in a second hand shop.  The shop owner initially told me the camera was off the floor, being stored in a private room.  I seemed pretty keen, I thought it might be an old Auricon, he told me the camera was an old newsreel camera.  He eventually took me upstairs to see the camera.  From the distance I thought it was an Eclair, but getting closer it seemed to big.  Anyway, turns out to be a pretty good condition Newman and Sinclair NS400.

The attached picture is not of the actual camera, its from the net.  The camera in the shop came with around 5 lenses and a magazine.  

Does anyone have any info on these cameras? Any documents?

The shop owner seems keen to power it up, but I warned him off until he knows exactly what voltage etc is needed, otherwise he risks killing the motor.  And the price tag is AUD$3600...

Cheers, Gareth


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The 1962 NS P 400 has a pair of fixed pilot pins like the Bell & Howell 2709 or an early Mitchell, closer to the Mitchell AA movement which also pivots around a shaft above the gate.



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I returned to the shop, and while the guy I spoke to earlier was not there, I left his wife print outs of the information I could find.  I took a few more pics.  It seems in good condition.  Although he has a price tag on the kit for AUD$3600, I suggested to his wife it may be worth much more, especially as it has two Cooke Panchro series II lenses attached, a 50mm and 75mm one.

I had a quick look at the lenses and they appear, without cleaning them, to be just a little dusty.  The 75mm one has a yellowish tint to it.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing back from the owner, not as I am looking to buy it, mostly so I can tell him he has a very cool camera that may be worth much more than $3600

20240321_112727 50 percent.jpg

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