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Could someone tell me what the industry standard ring light is?

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If there is one that is. I'm guessing there isn't and most of the time when that quality of light is needed it's just constructed out of a couple of smaller lights like literibbons or asteras but I want to know if there's an industry equivalent of those ring lights mountable on the lens itself so if there is, let me know.

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Kino used to make a ring light, the kamino, I think? It's been awhile but that was a popular little thing in the 90s.

Kino Flo Kamio 6E Fluorescent Ring Light System - consists of: 6E Ringlight, Cable, Mounts, 12V On-Camera Ballast, Case - ENG - NO Tubes - 20 Total Watts (12V DC) https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/578057-REG/Kino_Flo_Kamio_6E_Ring.html

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