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Developing old Fuji Single8 R25 and RT200 films

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hi, I'm doing some experiments with multiple exposure on single8 films and I would like to try out developing the films myself on a morse tank. I've been searching info on those at it seems that cross processing them on E6 could work out, but how about C41 or ECN2? For simplicity I am thinking of using cinestill powder kit, does anyone have experience with those on fuji single8 stocks?
I've seen somewhere mentioned that the remjet on single8 films would be more difficult to work out than what's on ecn2 stocks, is that true and how should one deal with it? 



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I’ve developed fujichrome r25 in ecn2 and tried a reversal process using b&w as first dev, then ecn2 as 2nd dev. Both worked ok.

the remjet is particularly bad, it comes off as flakes and strings, it sticks all over the rest of the film and gets stuck in the emulsion. I used a lomo tank, and I couldn’t fine a way to wash it off successfully. 


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