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PL adaptor for kinor 16mm

Richardson Leao

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Hi all, I keep thinking about converting my kinor to s16 but I love the 6mm lens and this factor alone keeps me away from the conversion. Anyway, is it possible to get an adaptor (i dont't want to change the mount) of PL lens to kinor mount? Many thanks!!!



The possible to install of special adapter on standard lens mount of Kinor-16 camera and you will have Arri Pl lens mounted lens.

For example.

This is zoom lens 16 OPF-12-1 10-100 mm with Arri PL lens mount adapter.



The lens can be monvert on original Kinor-16 lens mount for short time, will need tale away of adapter only.


But, I not sure, OKS 6 mm lens cover Super 16 or not. The user manuala of 6 mm lens wrote about academy 16 size of film gate.

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