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New Music Video

Douglas Hunter

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Well, the super 8 looks awesome. How do you think that effect was achieved with the perforation popping into view like that?


I assume they did it in telecine. There may have been more to it but telecine was part of it.


I thought the footage looked wonderful too. The video on the internet does not give the full effect. Seeing it on an HD monitor was great. Too bad I don't like snoop Dog.

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I am not a big Snoop fan either. But, Snoops country music video ended up better than I would have expected.


I saw some "My Medicine" dailies being dubbed at Spectra about a month ago and was amazed by the cool effects they did. They shot it on super 8 and did their transfer with Spectra. Spectra's colorist, Doug worked his telecine magic for the effects.


It is intriguing to see the creative flexibilty film can provide. In the right hands, it can make just about anything look good.

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...that is pretty hilarious. Snoop has a great sense of humor and so does Willy Nelson. Thumbs up!


Do you think the full-frame+ stuff with perfs showing was acheived by running the film with a 35mm gate during TK? Nice effect.

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