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Bolex SBM socket ?

John Salim

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Hi all,


Does anybody know what the small round socket directly beneath the lens mount is for ?

It's normally plugged with a short black plastic 'pin' ( probably to stop light getting in the gate ).


There seems to be two electrical contacts inside the hole.

.......possibly for a synch flasher ?


John S

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That what it is; for the clapper light bulb. Pretty useless nowadays.





Actually Jean-Louis, Only this morning I got a problem with the camera's eye piece shutter.


It's jammed half way ( closed - with no view ), and have tried to remove the external magazine saddle from on top of the camera.

I've managed to remove all visable screws ( so I can remove all four of the small screws on the viewfinder 'tube' ) but it's still solidly on there.


Is the magazine saddle glued on too ?


Any ideas how I can procede ?


Many thanks for your help in advance.


John S

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