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  1. where from ...... any links please John ? John S
  2. Hi Sarah, Welcome to the forum ! What flavour would you like ? Try contacting ON8MIL in London..... https://www.on8mil.com/product-category/8mm-film-packages/standard-8/ Best wishes, John S 😁
  3. Without stating the obvious, you haven't got a light yellow filter on your lens have you ? There won't be any filters in the viewfinder, but bear in mind this is a cheapo camera so I'd imagine the viewfinder optics may not be coated. I had a K3 many years ago and remember the viewfinder image looked on the warm side compared with a Bolex. John S
  4. I remember seeing this post recently ( click on the link's picture to see more photos ) ....... John S 😊
  5. Hi Martin, Many thanks for the information and suggestions. As it happens, I did run a clip test recently and results were light blue and flat contrast - though exposures looked almost 'normal'. I agree, pulling maybe half a stop would improve things but don't want to get into adjusting 1st & col devs just for the odd roll going through on it's own. I did leave the room for a minute, and you'll be happy to hear, didn't get any magenta cast ! .... haa haa haa. After talking to the client, I processed the rest of his roll ( all was ok like the clip test ) which he'll have scanned, so should be able to 'fix up' images to some extent in post. My main worry was, would VNF-1 films change control of my E-6 line...... it's good to hear it won't from the occasional roll. All the best wishes and thanks again, John S
  6. Thanks Dirk, Just sent an email. Best wishes, John S
  7. Hi All, I get the occasional request to process old Ektachromes ( VNF-1 ) which I've always declined. I know results can be poor, so does anyone know if processing a 'minimal' amount of VNF-1 film through an E-6 line will have a sensitometric effect ? Many thanks, John S :wacko:
  8. Hi Dirk, I'm trying to contact you but sending an email bounces back 'undeliverable'. Can you contact me please or give an alternative email address. Many thanks, John S
  9. I've noticed Dirk's website DeJonghe Film Postproduction has been down for the last few days. Anyone know if there's a problem ? John S
  10. I wouldn't have thought it will be too long now Philip ..... a few months perhaps ? I heard 120 ( medium format stills film ) is due out in April. John S :rolleyes:
  11. If you're starting to get out-of-phase pictures, I reckon something's getting loose in the camera's mech. John S
  12. Hi all, I recently had four super 8mm Ektachromes in for processing ( one new 100D 7294 and three 7285 ) with very tight film stuck, unable to run properly ..... and always coming to a halt when trying. The problem it seems is too much pressure from the pressure plate spring. If you push the plate down, you can easily pull film out of the gate - as soon as you release it, it's very tight ( so doesn't seem to be the feed roll ). I've occasionally had this before and wonder if anyone else has experienced this ? I'm also wondering if Kodak's had a bad batch of springs ! John S :(
  13. Super 8mm cartridges are wound emulsion in ( both feed and take up sides ). John S
  14. Yes, Arri made a 'collapsible' two inch core ( bottom of picture ) for take-up, and one inch core adaptors ( top of picture ) for take-off - film on cores ( and take-up using cores ). You have to make sure you remove ( and preferably replace ) the collapsible core before the film went off to the lab otherwise you'd never see it again ! Image taken from Arri SR3 manual John S B)
  15. Contact your nearest lab Tim ! If they expect to receive your films for processing, they'll usually supply cores and cans for free. 16mm 2" cores are used for 400ft camera rolls, whereas 3" and 4" are used for editing and processed rolls and prints. 100ft lengths are normally supplied on 'daylight loading' spools. John S -_-
  16. The three minute-plus opening ( single take ) of 'A Touch of Evil' is an excellent example ! John S :rolleyes:
  17. A great scene ( and a great movie of course ) ....famously with that duff-cut at 3:05 John S
  18. DS8 available from ON8MIL ( UK ) .... https://www.on8mil.com/product-category/8mm-film-packages/ds8_films/ John S :rolleyes:
  19. Ektachrome 160 Type G is process EM-26 and is not compatible with process E-6. If memory serves, it'll come out clear if run through E-6. 1, Film Rescue International is your best bet - they're real experts. 2, Avoid Rocky Mountain Film Lab ..... they have a terrible reputation ( just google it ! ) John S :rolleyes:
  20. Yes there is a big difference between 3 bath and 7 bath E-6. Basically the 3 chemical version ( obviously convenient ) is designed for the occasional user and hobbyist where 'total' process control ( density, contrast and colour balance ) is not possible, unlike the 7 chemical 'full term' process which can be. 7 bath can also run replenished ( ie... for labs with good throughput ). Re: Lomo tanks. Although the majority of Lomo tanks are 50ft, I believe there are 100ft versions out there. John S :rolleyes:
  21. Ah no ... old Ektachrome could be one of many processes used over the years. see here.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ektachrome#Variants John S B)
  22. Pretty much every B&W negative film ( except print films ) have some sort of cast. John S
  23. Yes, 7285 was actually Ektachrome 100VS ( 'vivid saturation' ) emulsion, and did in some instances look like Kodachome ! John S
  24. Fujichrome Provia ( marketed as Provie 100D ) is an excellent quality film - probably the best colour reversal cine film out there at the moment. I process many of these carts, as well as 35mm and 120 Provia stills films, and some images are just breathtaking ! The only thing ( many ) folk complain about is, the carts are only loaded with 40ft of film not 50ft. This I believe is because 'Retro Enterprises' ( in Tokyo, Japan ) load both Super 8 and Single 8 carts ( .... Single 8 only having a 40ft capacity with acetate base film ). John S :rolleyes:
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