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  1. Hi Fabio, I've just sent you an email. Cheers, John S
  2. I for one love ALL aspect ratios. As long as you're composing for the frame, what's the problem ? Movies like 'The Deer Hunter' ( 2.39:1 ) and 'Singin' in the Rain' ( 1.375:1 ) look beautiful and are perfection in composition. John S πŸ˜‰
  3. Generally speaking 1.85:1 is a cinema format, whereas 16:9 is a television format. John S 😊
  4. Sadly these would have deteriorated over the decades, but for the best results contact this specialist lab... Film Rescue International in Canada .... https://www.filmrescue.com/ The Ektachromes can still be processed but the Kodachromes can only be processed as B&W negatives. John S 😎
  5. Slightly offtopic but related. Due to mishap, some archived early generation videotape British TV shows in colour were lost. Some time back, old B/W filmed distribution copies were discovered in an African TV broadcast station, in Nigeria I think. In playing them via modern telecine, it was discovered that traces of colour were appearing. Apparently the resolution of the film was just sufficient to have also captured the unique moire pattern of a PAL colour TV image which carries the colour information. With some R and D effort and the power of modern digital technology, it was apparently poss
  6. Aren, Search this forum for 'Elaine' ... there's plenty to read πŸ˜‰ John S
  7. Hi Andries, Just a small lab providing E-6 ( cine and stills ) and B&W ( stills only ) processing. No scanning though ! Best wishes, John S
  8. Hi Volker, Thank you very much for getting in touch and othering your spare ST-1. Happily we found the ST-1 and it just needs fixing up. The box has a crack in it and one of the battery terminals needs gluing down, but it does work ! It's the main battery box that would be useful to have ( as a head-rest ). Thanks again, and best wishes, John S πŸ˜‰
  9. Thank you both for your advice. I'll pass them on πŸ˜‰ Best wishes, John S
  10. Does anyone have any recommendations for alternative ways of powering this camera ? A friend has just inherited one without the battery box. I assume it's nearly impossible to find a battery box nowadays. 😩 Cheers, John S
  11. Thanks very much for that Charlie. The link is particularly useful ☺️ Cheers again, and all the best wishes, John S
  12. Are there any members out there who could shed some light on the uses of wire recorders used in the field ? A friend of mine recently found a 'Webster Chicago' recorder and wants to know if they were used by the military. Any information however trivial would be gladly received. Cheers, John S
  13. I've not shot any KAHL UT-18 myself, but have processed a lot of it. This film cannot be compared with Ektachrome 100D in any way for quality. It's good for what it is ( grainy, limited colour palette and no real D-min ) ..... it's loved by many artists, and is superior compared to Wittnerchrome 200D. Ektachrome 100D is a superb filmstock. If properly exposed and processed, it looks beautiful on the screen ! John S 🎬
  14. Cale, The Yellow filter is for B&W photography, the darker one is a neutral density filter ( all films ) and the other is either a Close-up lens ( check by looking through it ) or a UV filter. More info here ... http://www.k3camera.com/k3/k3pdfs/2008-krasnogorsk-3-manual.pdf John S 😊
  15. A friend of mine occasionally shoots 100ft rolls of FP4 with his ( non register pin ) Vinten and Newman Sinclair cameras which handle KS perfs perfectly fine ( ... they're larger than BH perfs ). I prep all of his film by rewinding rolls onto camera reels ( films are supplied on 1" cores ), and arrange processing and scanning by DeJonghe Film Postproduction in Belgium. John S 😎
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