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  1. Thank you both for your advice. I'll pass them on πŸ˜‰ Best wishes, John S
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for alternative ways of powering this camera ? A friend has just inherited one without the battery box. I assume it's nearly impossible to find a battery box nowadays. 😩 Cheers, John S
  3. Thanks very much for that Charlie. The link is particularly useful ☺️ Cheers again, and all the best wishes, John S
  4. Are there any members out there who could shed some light on the uses of wire recorders used in the field ? A friend of mine recently found a 'Webster Chicago' recorder and wants to know if they were used by the military. Any information however trivial would be gladly received. Cheers, John S
  5. I've not shot any KAHL UT-18 myself, but have processed a lot of it. This film cannot be compared with Ektachrome 100D in any way for quality. It's good for what it is ( grainy, limited colour palette and no real D-min ) ..... it's loved by many artists, and is superior compared to Wittnerchrome 200D. Ektachrome 100D is a superb filmstock. If properly exposed and processed, it looks beautiful on the screen ! John S 🎬
  6. Cale, The Yellow filter is for B&W photography, the darker one is a neutral density filter ( all films ) and the other is either a Close-up lens ( check by looking through it ) or a UV filter. More info here ... http://www.k3camera.com/k3/k3pdfs/2008-krasnogorsk-3-manual.pdf John S 😊
  7. A friend of mine occasionally shoots 100ft rolls of FP4 with his ( non register pin ) Vinten and Newman Sinclair cameras which handle KS perfs perfectly fine ( ... they're larger than BH perfs ). I prep all of his film by rewinding rolls onto camera reels ( films are supplied on 1" cores ), and arrange processing and scanning by DeJonghe Film Postproduction in Belgium. John S 😎
  8. I think that's as simple as it gets really. Trying to do this mechanically would be more complicated - and a lot more expensive ! John S πŸ˜‰
  9. On simple designs, the moving feed arm is connected to a potentiometer controlling a variable speed DC motor. John S
  10. You're correct Ethan, if you watch this YouTube video you'll see there's a variable speed control unit in the centre of the feed platter constantly adjusting the feed out speed ( at 1':35" ) You can guess what'll happen if the controller goes wrong ! John S 😎
  11. This picture of Natalie Wood being pied always makes me smile. Taken behind the scenes of 'The Great Race' ( that's director Blake Edwards throwing the pie ! ) John S ☺️
  12. Here's another good example of a mis-timed shutter ( shot on Panavision ). It's a dream sequence for the track 'The Name of the Game' from the film 'ABBA The Movie'. There's a lot of use of filters too. Original ratio 2.35:1 ( anamorphic ). John S 😎
  13. I wouldn't have thought so Miguel, because the film has to physically start moving before the shutter fully caps the frame. There might be a software solution ???? John S 😎
  14. Really appreciate Dirk taking the time to do proper densitometric measurements through FedEx's shipping system. Good man ! John S 😎
  15. Here's a picture of the yellow subtitles... John S πŸ˜‰
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