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FASTAX 16mm Highspeed - Model WF3

Oliver Christoph Kochs

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2 minutes ago, Marco Leoncino said:

Mark, what to say... we will see... 

Oliver, who started this thread, seems to be active on the forum- so you could ask him what he used.

The other problem is that film does shrink with age, but unless your film is more than about 10 years old it shouldn't be a problem.

None of the film I handle on the Steenbeck is less than 25 years old and it has all shrunk by much more than the difference between long and short pitch. But of course that's not relevant to unexposed film unless it is very old.

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On 4/29/2009 at 5:26 PM, Oliver Christoph Kochs said:


Yes, it exists...

even has an e-mail address on the photocopy. Not too bad for a 1966 camera...



Ask and it will be given, it was said! I contacted that company and they sent me the complete 41 pages manual.

Who is interested can ask me.

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