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MX v Alexa

Stephen Williams

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Now that's nebulous. Do you mean that in the comedy or sexuality interpretation? ;-)


-- J.S.

The Genesis's first big-time outing was Superman Returns, produced by Bryan Singer.

Not sure how much Straight-ness was involved there :rolleyes:

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Guest Jeremy Hunt
In motion picture imaging, film is a well known (if somewhat nebulous) reference point. Because we mention film as a reference point doesn't in any way constrain our thoughts on how things should work or look.


Other than to say that, there's no real way to answer your question, other than that we don't feel that comparisons or references are constraints.




Dear Greame


I understand what you are saying, however i would prefer to hear Jim's point of veiw, he probably understands in much more specfic detail exactly what the comapny is actually trying to achieve.


Thank you for replys however.



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Now that's nebulous. Do you mean that in the comedy or sexuality interpretation? ;-)

-- J.S.





As for Uber-Man in Tights the director may be Gay but the film is 100% dull bourgeois including the look which is that dark but not too dark look in vogue right now. Not the Noir with Blacks that cut but sort of half way thing that's supposed to add drama to dull self absorbed characters lives.




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