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PMW-EX3 IR filter and DOF adaptor

Chris Lambert

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Hi all I'm presently looking into getting a DOF adaptor (likely the SG Blade) I have seen the IR issue pop up a few times on recent projects and will be working on a documentary in the coming weeks which I would love to use blade on. My question is am I better off buying a IR filter for each lense £/$! or just a 77mm IR on the EX3 stock lense which the adaptor will have to pass all the light through anyway. Will this lead to any other issues with the image?


Completly unrelated issue but I'll throw this out there anyway I recently upgraded from 1.04 to the latest firmware because of a issue I was experiencing where split clips would form on cards even if there was only one in the camera at the time! I could correct this in Clipbrowser but only if I exported the cards to another folder/format eg mxf. Has anyone run into this before? Also post update the 2nd time I turned on the camera a batt error occured this has not occured since (only used the camera twice though) should I be alarmed by these? Google hasn't returned any results vaguely useful.



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