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Sony EX 3 vs Sony EX1

Paul Brenno

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Thanks Adrien...I also see little differences myself, only the settings are in different places and the EX3 is bigger, more like a shoulder mounted camera......

I was shooting with the EX 1 (studio setup with gelled lighting), then switched to the EX 3 one day, the Producer was panicing since it's a different camera, thought the look would be different....

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I've shot almost two dozen industrial training videos with an EX1 and have recently added an EX3. The stock lenses are the same. If I had to choose between the two, I'd go for the EX3 for the sole reason of having a higher magnification viewfinder. However, I got a great deal on the EX1R and added the Zacuto EVF, which is a great setup.


My DP owns two EX3s and has no problem creating profiles between an EX3 and EX1/R with a DCS Chroma du Monde chart.


Point of clarification, Sony upgraded the EX1 to the EX1R and no longer sells the EX1. The EX1R is supposed to have better IR, ergonomics, and most importantly to me, it has HDMI output in addition to the HD-SDI & Component.


I love these cameras and the Sony XDCAM format. For my uses as an owner/operator, I'll be using and investing in these cameras for at least two to three more years.


For what it's worth, I also like the Sachtler FSB8 fluid head. The EX1/R weighs roughly 6 pounds and I -think- the EX3 weighs about 7 pounds. The FSB4 and FSB6 heads will work for both cameras, but if you plan to add accessories, like a teleprompter, matte box, DoF adapter, then I'd pass on the lightweight heads and go for something more substantial. The FSB8 takes up to a 20 pound load, which was adequate for me.

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I recently shot a feature utilizing one of each camera. For budget reasons we ended up with rental issues that unfortunately required I use one or the other during parts of the shoot (don't ask, one of those productions).


For my specific uses on the film, I found the EX1 to be a little more ergonomic and easier to use. The EX3 is notably bigger and again, for my needs, over-sized for the way it was used in our production.


To reiterate some of the answers above, I felt that with appropriate care to transfer the same look notes to each camera, and back, there were no noticeable differences in the look. It should be said I was recording using a NanoFlash from Convergent Design, allowing recording to Compact Flash in place of SxS cards. We did this for budgetary reasons (SxS cards are incredible expensive!) and to lessen out of camera compression.


For easier eyepiece operation, I'd concur the EX3 is the better choice. But if there is a strong difference in after market price, I'd say the EX1 will keep you in good stead as well.

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