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Shooting expired Vision 500T

John Mackey

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Got a bunch of expired Kodak Vision 500T 7279 stock. As well as 320T and 250D, expired as well. Sent it to a lab for a clip test and the results D-Min were:

500T: R=.42, G=.96, and B=1.37 ND=.65

320T: R=.38 G=.85, and B=1.28 ND=.60

250D: R=.50 G=.86, and B=1.12 ND=.69


I plan to shoot night exteriors with the 500T and some night interiors, early morning.

They said to overexpose the film. How much overexposure? My lens only goes f 2.2. Should I keep the aperture open all the way all the time and then add some light? Trying to use as much natural streetlights as I can, but could I set up some Chinese lanterns around my subjects to compensate for the loss in quality of the film?

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Well it depends on how bright your street is really, what time of year you are shooting, in a city or a town, what cycle is the moon when your shooting? f2.2 could be enough but again depends on all those variables - I don't shoot on film so I can't help you with that aspect but I guess the principle is the same, at 500ISO @ f2.2 you will probably need a decent amount of light I doubt just street lights and moon would suffice. Also you could push the film to a high EI rating but again I don't know if that would look like dog poop.





Probably better to shoot early evening/ late afternoon.



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