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Best website for camera tests?

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Hi there, I am a writer/director that just directed his first feature. I am taking lessons from this experience-- one of them is to at least get a grasp on the physics of cinematography. I am starting by subscribing to this forum, the ASC magazine, reading Bergery, Brown and the like... I was wondering. Does a website or youtube channel exist that consists of shot comparisons, camera tests and the like? DPs narrating scenes they lit? The kind of thing you'd expect from ASC. To me, cinematography consists of many interwoven concepts that only spring to life in concert and in context. Reading about the relationship between say, lens selection, f-stops and depth of field on the page just isn't cutting it for me.


Many thanks, and I apologize if this is mis-posted, I felt this would be the place for this query, not the director sub-forum.





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I think a user handle like that is extremely offensive and I would recommend changing it before mods come around. This is a real name forum and that handle is not only not your real name but some could argue that its a name to troll with.


Please follow forum rules and post your real name.

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