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HD Cameras - RED VS Others - Best like Film Resolution


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I am a low budget Indie Film Maker. Please advice

1. Which HD Camera - ARRIE or RED or Panasonic etc gives the BEST RESOLUTION?

2. For screening in a Theatre which uses Film prints what is the most cost effective way to print films to show in theatre screen

Your help in explaining the process is highly appreciated

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None of those are HD, I think you mean digital.


RED has the most pixel resolution but why?

If the intention is for a film print its not going to make much difference from a 2K film out onto a Digital - Film NEG, IP, IN , Release Print would be no more then 1K.


So why would you need 5K for a 1K release you could just go with the Alexa which is a excellent camera. Your question is not worded very well, as well as if you search Google or this forum for digital cinematography you will find much info on digital camera resolution etc.


If your a DP you should decide which camera is best for a project, generally by doing your research and doing tests.

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