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noob question, sRGB and REC709

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Noob question, don´t laugh.

I´ve made my research and I don´t really understand the phenomena.

Let´s say I want to grade a video for broadcast, I´m grading it in sRGB on my monitor and I forget to choose the REC709. How my video will look on broadcast? It will look darker (more constrasty)?

The second question:

When I toggle between sRGB and REC709 I see a slight change in contrast. Viewing in REC709 my video looks contrasty. Is this how my image should look on broadcast?

Thank you!
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First question, what is your monitor? Before any final color choices are baked in, I would take a look at it on a broadcast monitor. Your will look different, if it will be higher contrast overall and always?? I don't know, it depends on many factors, but view it again on an real broadcast monitor.

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