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Super-8 (MAX 8) camera hire requirements for UK film makers


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I'm considering adding Super-8 (MAX8) camera hire to my small format transfer company's services. The cameras would be purchased from Pro8.


What I would like to know from cinematographers is what equipment they would require in a rental package. The other question is wether UK customers


would require crystal sync at 24, or 25 FPS.


Any thoughts and advice will be much appreciated.


Grant Bennett



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I have decided to initially have my Canon 1014XL-S converted to MAX8 and start hiring this out through my transfer company Cine Sanctuary. If I find this goes well I will go ahead and purchase some more cameras.


Supplied in a pelikan case with the Canon will be a lens cap, rubber lens hood, remote cable with locking release button, gate brush, Tiffin 85 filter, ND filters, Instructions, Tripod.


I hope to supply reversal and negative stock packages myself; passing film to UK based contacts for processing and telecine.


I would be most grateful for any ideas as to how much I should charge for the camera rental.


Many thanks

Grant Bennett



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Well I finally received my two processed rolls of Wittner Konfekt (Fujichrome Velvia 100 Professional) Super 8 reversal film back from the lab. The results show that my Canon 1014 XL-S is functioning correctly. Now it is all systems go with the Max8 conversion by Pro8mm.


I must admit I prefer the skin tones of the Kodak Ektachrome 100D.


If anyone in the UK or the rest of Europe would like to hire this Max 8 format camera in the near future please contact me through my company Cine Sanctuary www.cinesanctuary.co.uk.


Daily rate is £170 per day with discounts for weekly and weekend bookings; return shipping is not included in this price.


If any bookings taken as a result of this post I will whatever donation is required to the forum.


Many thanks


Grant Bennett

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