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3-axis camera stabilizing systems

Paul Prinz

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It all started with the sensational announcement of MoVi. The possibilities with this gyro-stabilzing system are incredible. The technology of the gyro system isn’t a new concept but this new interpretation gives all filmmakers a new instrument to realize their creative ideas. Mindcut blog has created a compilation of all current systems.





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​HI there.


MoVI M10 available at DECODE, based in London, UK. Operators provided with all rentals. Please call or email to discuss requirements.





Contact details:

Samuel Martin


3D, RED, HD, broadcast camera, grip and lighting rental services.

London, UK

Email: sam.martin@decodeuk.com

Web: www.decodeuk.com

Tel: +44 (0) 2087359170

Fax: +44 (0) 2087418952

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Another toy for "filmmakers." People need to stop getting pulled in by this stuff and get back to the fundamentals...like storytelling.


Oh Bill you crack me up! :)



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