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Bell & Howell Autoload 430 project (with pictures)

Carl Conrad

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I got a neat camera at Goodwill and the mechanism works fine (camera sounds like it should with batteries in it) but the viewfinder does not work. I opened it up and the mirror is loose, I was wondering exactly where the mirror needs to go to fix this problem?


Thanks a lot!


Attached are 2 pictures, one of the inside of the camera, the front is where I think the mirror should go, and the second is of the loose mirror!

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I don't see any pictures attached to your post, but I wanted to let you know that you will probably be able to fix it. I've fixed a couple of cameras that had the same issue with a just little super glue. There's usually a small flat surface turned 45 degrees below the front end of the viewfinder assembly with a bit of old hardened glue smudged on it. Once you get those photos up, I'm sure I or someone else will be able to point it out for you. Oh, and don't lose that little mirror!

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Attached are a wider shot of the camera and a shot of the loose mirror!



Near the front there is a place that the mirror fits perfectly but it is laying flat (parallel to the viewfinder mechanism) so it does not work, so I would like to know where the mirror should actually sit!


Thanks a lot!!



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Hey, sorry it took so long. So here's a Nizo S30 with aerial focusing:


You can see the mirror is in the upper left corner:



Here it is a bit closer:



And here it is real close:




When it came to me, the mirror was just bouncing around inside the camera. Once I glued it in there, the viewfinder was good as new. Hope that helps! Sorry it took so long!

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