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zeiss 10-100mm t2 s16 conversion


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i was looking for a conversion for my zeiss 10-100mm t2 markII to s16, to use it on my blackmagic camera.

do you know if the wides will still vignette? or till which focal length it will vignette?


i found a company named abakus and they offer conversion. the thing i'm worried about is loosing image quality through the conversion. maybe u know something about it? and how will they make the conversion. only with an extender?


hope to get some infos :)




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I'm not sure if it's the same lens, but I have a Zeiss 10-100mm that opens at its widest a 3.3 T stop. On my super16 film camera it vignettes up to about 75mm but is clear from then on. If it vignettes on a super16 frame I'm sure it will on a black magic. I personally use it for the farther focal lengths obviously. What mount is the lens?

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Abakus designed and assembled a lot of optical products for Optex, including their S16 lenses and extenders I believe, so their S16 conversion kit for the 10-100 will be first class, the same as the old Optex branded one. It's basically a 1.2X extender on the back, turning the lens into a 12-120, introducing some loss of speed (T2 becomes T2.4) but very little loss in image quality.


Which Black Magic camera are you asking about? On the pocket Black Magic a 12-120 should cover without vignetting, seeing as that camera has a S16 sized sensor. On the Cinema Camera where an image circle of about 18mm is needed I tested a bunch of S16 lenses

see http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=56326

and estimated the 11-110 (the original Zeiss S16 conversion) would vignette below about 50mm. A 12-120 would presumably cover a little bit wider, but I don't have one here to test.



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