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Anyone Ever Purchased from Pro Video & Film Equipment Company in Dallas?

David Fitch

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Has anyone ever purchased a camera, accessories, or conducted any business with Pro Video & Film Equipment Company out of Dallas? The appearance of their eBay auctions is a little sketchy and amateurish, but their seller rating seems decent, so I thought I'd see if anyone has ever dealt with them.



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I know what you mean. They do that thing where they advertise a whole bunch of things at once with a giant price, as apposed to individual items with their own descriptions. Then when they do have a single camera, like the Aaton 35 III, it has some weird caviats like an odd rebate, or a hugely different price if you dare to use paypal.

It's kind of a big turnoff.

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Holy cr-p! They're still around?

I bought my Frezzolini Frezzi-Flex from them when I was in college in the early 90's. I taught a film/video class to middle schoolers back then and the owner's son was in the class. Norm Bleicher was the owner. I ran into him a couple years later and he was getting out, but that's definitely the same company, with the same address, so I guess it meant *he* was getting out, not that his partner was carrying on.

Some people's complaint against the company was, "it was okay, if you were prepared to deal with salesmen". I didn't feel a hard sell type of thing, but who was I to know, I was inexperienced with film equipment at the time...I was in college and needed a good but cheap 16mm camera and they were great.

When I last talked to Norm, it was probably the mid-90's, and since they're still around, I'd think that says something.

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  • 8 years later...

Hi All:

It's Bill Reiter, the original founder and President of Pro Video & Film Equipment Company in Dallas.

Yes, we are still around and still going strong with loyal and demanding clients from all over the world.

We had some tough times with difficult staff issues several years ago but have since thinned out the 'herd' and now continue to offer the best cinema production equipment you can find, with free advice to everyone by some of the smartest and most experienced people in the industry. And, we are still on the same street as when we started.

Ebay is not our favorite place to offer specific filmmaking tools for sale, because we can't talk directly and at length to our valued clients, but with over 16,000 items in stock, clients email or call us to discuss their specific needs. No sales pressure EVER.

We also match or beat identical item pricing.

We ship worldwide and charge no sales tax to professionals.

With over 50 years of industry experience, we offer the best in guaranteed, tested and DP owned used gear.

We also specialize in vintage PL & geared cinema lenses as well as rare antique cinema cameras.

Please let us know how we can assist YOU.

And ask for me, Bill.  Thanks.      Our email: providfilm@aol.com


Visit us at www.ProVideoFilm.com


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I've had the pleasure of dealing with Pro Video & Film. Bill is very helpful. I have no complaints and have found the business to be completely professional and dependable. With interest in film continuing to grow I would think with their experience that they are well placed to provide a valuable service to filmmakers.

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