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Hello fellow filmmakers,


I'm a Toronto DP of 13 years experience, and I'm thinking about making the move to Hollywood. I'm trying to meet directors and producers in LA, but if anyone could point me in the direction of where to go to meet said people, I'd be much obliged. Are there any indie film meet ups? Particular opportunities for schmoozing?


Also, looking for a place to live once I move there....I was thinking Silverlake or West Hollywood.....any strong opinions for/against?


I'll most likely plan a 1-2 month reconnaissance trip in the near future, and I'd love to meet any of you fine folks in person. I'd be looking to pick up a US cell phone as well....any advice as to which are the best service providers would be appreciated....any Canadians make the move down there? I have an iPhone 5s (Rogers), and I'd love to just use it down there with a US sim card, so all my contacts are still in tact. Any suggestions what's the best way to go about this?


Joshua Allen csc


Instagram - @thejoshua Follow me and my pic a day project I call #hasselgram

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I'm Partial to living in Pasadena. Nice city feeling, walkable, especially if you're in Old Pasadena as I am, and you tend to be doing the reverse commute unless you're going to the westside, as they call in. In which case your life sucks no matter what.


WEHO is ok, though it's nowhere near the freeways, generally, and you spend a lot of time on 101. Same goes for Silverlake. Los Feliz is pretty nice as well.



There's lots of schmoozing and ___ kissing here. It's hollywood after all. I would recommend planning your recon trip around Cinegear, then you can also go to cinegear. cinegear is pretty cool.

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