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  1. Came across this post a little late, but in retrospect, how did the move treat you, Josh? Any words of wisdom after braving the hollywood trail of tears?
  2. This can certainly be a humbling profession. Feast or famine for me for sure. Thoughts on how to approach new potential clients (directos, producers, prod companies) in your direct market? Clients outside of your current market? Still learning the best ways to expand my network. Thanks for your wisdom.
  3. I quite enjoyed the video. It was nice to see this camera not used as a crutch but as an emotional tool towards the storytelling. It seems that so often the high speeds are used for purely imagery. Well done in direction and photography!
  4. Thanks Fred. Thats very kind of you. Also, I completely agree about the sound issue. Can't tell you how many times someone has said, "Does this have audio."
  5. I recently shot a short on the AF100 with some Lomo "Superspeeds". I'll try and post it when its finished. The camera felt quite functional with AJA recorder. The LCD was worthless though.
  6. My first attempt at 35mm. Fuji Vivid 500 & 160 Zeiss Superspeeds ARRI BL3 http://vimeo.com/18382193 PASSWORD: NHNT Thanks.
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