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Shooting Log with C300

F Bulgarelli

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I'm getting ready to shoot a corporate with the C300 and was thinking about using Canon Log to give the director more flexibility in post.

I was curious about other people experiences with the C300, specially in regards to exposure using Log and using the WFM and Zebras.

Anything to watch out for.

I ll do a test tomorrow but any advice is appreciate it



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I shot a short film using Log on the C300, it was the first thing I shot with the camera. As it was my first time with the camera it was a bit of a struggle to know what to do for exposure, as there's a lot of information on the web, some of it conflicting.


There's a setting to show a non-log view on the viewfinder as you shoot which is helpful. In the end I used a mix of going by eye from the screen, the waveform and a light meter.


It's worth getting the manual and reading it very thoroughly, especially the section about how the camera responds at different ISOs, which isn't very intuitive and IIRC differs if you shoot log.

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I shoot mostly in C-log with my C300. The WFM is on most of the times and it helps a lot. In a recent feature film, I was shooting for the 2nd unit and I shot in C-log. Post guys were happy that they could grade it well to mix with the files from the Red which was the A camera.


For quick turn around projects WDR profile is cool. I guess when one is not sure what the post guys will do, shooting in WDR should be good so that they can't mess up a lot and deviate from what we are happy with as a DoP.

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I've been having an absolute BLAST shooting C-log with my C100! Expose 18% grey at around 32 IRE on your waveform (I push interior shots up to 40 IRE sometimes) and you can just throw a LUT and some sharpening quickly to finish in post or you can get crazy with the nodes and push your image surprisingly far for 8-bit 4:2:0 AVCHD. It really turned the camera up to 11 for me!

I agree that the WideDR is a fantastic profile to maintain the integrity of your image if your not sure the post workflow will be proper. It looks wonderful if your just handing off the files from camera.

Bang for buck, C-log FTW! Just make sure your post workflow is up to it as well!

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