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What should I rate Kodak Tri-X 7266 when processing as negative?

Jon Taala

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Hi All,


I currently want to shoot some 16mm Tri-X for an experimental film I'm making. I'm going to do bucket processing, but I want to bucket process as a negative. I keep reading in onine and in other forums here that if you shoot reversal film and want to process as a negative you need to overexpose a little bit when filming. Since I'm shooting this in daylight and the EI for daylight is 200, I was wondering what I should rate my film at. Should I overexpose by 1 stop or 2 stops etc. or would processing it for longer work also?



Thanks for the help!

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Yeah, I usually just rate it at 200. Tri-x as a negative is going to be contrastier and grainier than it would be as reversal, so sometimes I'll overexpose a stop and pull process a bump. But honestly the difference is pretty minimal. I can't recall if I've ever tried two stops. I feel like I must have at some point.

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