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Unbearable Moire patterns on a LED TV

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Hello to all,

I need to shoot an LED TV, the content will be added in post production so it needs to be a clean Green for keying, however I did some tests and the Moire Patterns that appear are unbearable. Im shooting on the Red Dragon so it is not a compression issue. Any recommendations on how to deal with the problem? The patterns disappear the second it's slightly soft, but I rather keeping the television in focus.



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In my reply in the thread on how screens in House of Cards, Social Network, Girl with Dragon Tattoo look so good

i posted a VFX reel of a guy who've worked on HoC and

the phone sequences show tracking of it is involved.

Doing a Roto out of the tracking is also easy.


However, somebody/something crossing the screen may involve less or more

delicate roto time. Hair anyone? :)








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