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Zakk Eginton

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Hey everyone, new member here :) I have a few night night exterior scenes at a high school football field.

Guy/girl sneak onto the field, at at some point ends up proposing to her.


We want to use the existing stadium lights "only" look. Of course I'll add some units on the floor to do the talent justice

(end of the film/ romantic) but I was wondering if anyone has worked with just existing stadium lights as the primary source?

Seems pretty straight forward but was curious about people's experience/ any issues with these types of lights.


Attached is a photo not of the actual location, but something i found to give an idea.

(3towers on each side of field)



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I would find out what kinda lights they are and also shoot some tests. The green spike can be an issue, but you can also embrace it depending on what you are going for.



I have shot some stuff on a field that had lights from Musco before and it was great....Think they were daylight balanced and we had no problems at all ....used some kinos to augment here and there.

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