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Which trackwheels for platform dolly?

Mikko Suomalainen

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I just recently bought some second hand Panavision steel track, and I made a basic platform-dolly with skateboard wheels on it.
I bought a set of these wheels for it:

For few shoots they worked good, but this weekend I had some major problems. The wheels got huge bumps on them, when the DP was sitting on the dolly between shots. They are just generally too soft, since they get bumps very easily. Apparently they are made to be used just under a tripod, so that's why the DP sitting on dolly was too much load.

The V-brackets are great, so I only need the wheels. My budget would be 100€ maximum.

So what's your recommendation for skateboard/rollerblade wheels for dolly track? What size and strength? How about brands?


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Hi Mikko,


To find the best hardness of the wheels you can graduate on getting the balance between the amount of wheels and the most regular payload.


To hard wheels result in noisy travels, bumpy rides on the joints of inferiour trackd.

To soft wheels results in flat-spots and heavier pushing.


Your suggestion of using 97 or 99A sounds in my ears to hard. These wheels I would use in a 32wheel sled for a heavy crane.


My best bet would be in the range of 82A, 86A?


However: trial and error works best in this case; it is also matter of taste and where your priorities are set...


Good luck,


Onno Perdijk

Keygrip, Amsterdam


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This chart will have some information on "rubber" hardness. Applies to anything made of rubber, not just sheets, tubing, gaskets, wheels, etc.




A simple fix, might be rollerskate wheels, the type used on a hardwood rink, not the street.

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