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Review LOMO OKC rare AMAZING lens 28 mm 2.0, like monocle

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Recently acquired a very interesting lens will probably never seen. From the mind - is the standard OKC LOMO camera lens from Russian Konvas camera with OCT-18 mount. Focal length- 28 mm, aperture of- 1: 2. For 35 mm cinema fame or APC-C sensor cover. But the most interesting - on one of the glass in the center of the hole is made through a lens. Done very carefully, so it's a factory product.



And most importantly, this lens gives a very interesting Image-
very soft, especially in the area of the backlight, but also has the sharpness. In this case, bokeh is in the form of rings, just amazing!
When injected into the frame bright source light- interesting halos formed in the shape of a circle, which gives a fabulous effect.
In any case, this lens is very interesting, amazing, like a monocle, and at the same time has a good image. Very soft focus for portraits and connoisseurs of retro style.
For tests i use Panasonic GH2 camera and OCT-18 adapter.


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It's certainly a unique aesthetic; whether one likes the look of it or not I think is down to preference - with the exception of the last image, I can't say I'm a fan of the look. I don't think the out of focus areas look very appealing and the bokeh looks like a mirror lens!

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As I have mentioned in another thread on this lens, I'm pretty certain this is not a specially made "factory" modification with a carefully drilled hole in the middle of an element, but a faulty lens. Oil has separated from the lens grease, pooled in the centre of a concave element while the lens was stored, and hardened. The oil severely compromises contrast and resolution and makes the lens softer as you stop down, since all the light gets directed through the hardened oil pool. Interesting effect lens I guess.


I've come across this fault in a couple of Lomos, the oil can be cleaned off with minimal coating damage and the lens restored to normal functionality.

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I do not agree with you that this lens a drop of oil, and a defect of the glass. I vstre Getting several similar lenses of one series with a "hole" in the middle of the lens. The circle in the middle does not spread and does not change the dimensions of the decades, the circle accurately processed, indicating that the factory manufacturing or work qualified specialist.


Other similar lens: http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=70474

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Well I've come across a few Lomos like this myself, but actually pulled the lens down to repair it, so I know what it is. Send it to a lens technician, I guarantee they will agree with me.


Ask yourself why a production factory would deliberately drill holes in an element? Or why the "hole" doesn't have a visible edge the thickness of a glass element? Or why it is a different hue to the rest of the glass?


The oil pools in a perfect circle, then evaporates over presumably years of storage to leave a hard residue that does not change shape. If a series of lenses lubricated with the same grease were all stored in the same manner over a long period they would all end up with the same fault.


Anyway, you're free to believe what you like, but if you want to promote the sale of this lens on a professional forum you need to accept that professionals might respond!

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hole in the middle of the lens has a different color, because it has no antireflection coating, therefore it transmits light differently. When viewing the eye through the lens directly prosamatrivayutsya also other optical components like "drilled" lens. I do not understand these lenses, but I think that there is constructively made a hole or insert a special component, but it is not just oil stain. Also, think and other specialists. State cinema of the USSR ordered in 1980 in a limited edition LOMO soft focus lenses for special effects. It is such a lens.

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