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Light Reflecting In Glasses Trope

Anthony J DeRose

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I know this question has been asked many times, but want to see if I can get myself some advice.


I am doing a music video where our performer will be operating a mock space ship and singing to the camera. One of the main props are these sci-fi eyeglasses he will be wearing. We already have anti reflective coating on order, getting flat surface lenses are not an option unfortunately.


My trouble is the quality of light. We want a frontal nice soft source with no shadows. Initially the plan was to have a chimera top ambiance source and then key with frontal kinos in full diffusion, one right above camera the other a little below the lens. Naturally now we will be seeing those lights in the glasses.


I probably will just raise the first kino high enough to eliminate it. I was also thinking of placing a kino on both sides of the artist so as one eliminates the shadow created by the light and vice versa. Any other tips?

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If that top source is big enough it may work out in the same way the 20x soft box works for car shoots....but I think it would need to be really big atleast 12x .... and in that way in the reflection itll kinda look like a part of a set or something.



glasses are the worst.




just consider anything that is frontal and big is probably going to cause reflections so just w/e you use to light will need to give a reflection you can live with.



maybe a big ring light?

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Ring lights look pretty weird in curved glass reflections.


You have to start out assuming that if the light hits the eye, it's also going to be reflected in the glass if it has a curved surface, so it's a question of finding a reflection that you can live with. A neat square/rectangle might be OK if it could seem like a practical source.

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Take the lenses out of the glasses.. I wont tell anyone if you don't.. or just go with the reflections.. its not an interview in someones room... its a space ship right.. if he is moving his around a bit they could look good.. coming in and out .. its the old joke.. whats the difference between high light and flare .. .. about $1000 a day.. :)

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